TGS Property Reviews

TGS property is a dedicated real estate company with a well -developed portal for you to choose land, property and apartments in almost all areas of Bengaluru. No doubt there are portals and aggregator sites like these which display sellable properties posted by other builders. There are real estate experts whom you can chat with distantly after you visit the website who will answer all your queries regarding the properties on the portal. On request they can also arrange for a site visit with an easy pick up from your door step. Their customer representatives and staff are pretty helpful with all kinds of experts in the team to give you an all-round consultancy regarding the purchase of your property.

The company's strengths are many out of which the price levels are of special mention which is always 20-30 percent lower than the market price. This makes the company's properties sought after and within few years the company's goodwill has been well circulated by the word of mouth of satisfied customers.

Innovation and understanding of the customers and the market is it's another specialty which the company has exemplified in many instances. One such endeavour of the company was Property Yatra which was organized few of the times which was accepted by the market with open arms. Property Yatra enabled the prospective buyers to travel in company sponsored vehicles all around the city and inspect all the properties according to their interest. The customers were shown all the properties that would interest them and is within their budget and was explained about the pros and cons of each and every project. This was a very innovative and novel kind of approach of the company which is way ahead of the time and gained lot of recognition among the customers.

TGS Property Yatra Customer Review / Feedback